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Microsynth Seqlab
Microsynth Seqlab stands behind each and every product and service offered, and takes pride in offering the highest level of customer and technical support. We have a staff of highly-trained molecular biologists/ biochemists as well as administrative personnel ready to assist you. 
If you have any question, please do not hesitate to call us!

Administrative Questions?

Anne Baldßun

Technical Questions?

DNA/RNA Synthesis

Dr. Fabian Axthelm
Dr. Christian Winiger

Sanger Sequencing

Dr. Karla Busch
Dr. Michael Betzler

Next Generation Sequencing

Dr. Christian Hundsrucker
Dr. Thomas Gächter


Dr. Sebastian Strempel

Real-Time PCR & Genotyping & DNA/RNA Isolation

Real-Time and digital PCR
Dr. Sergey Yakushev
Jeannette Kast
DNA/RNA Isolation
Dr. Emanuel Hörler

Contract Research & Outsourcing

Dr. Christoph Grünig
Dr. Bruno Müller

Sales Questions?


Dr. Atila Durmus
Georg Brenzel
Helena Schwellenbach
Christian Kern