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Economy Run

Best-in-Class Sanger sequencing service in 1.5 ml tubes for routine but also most difficult-to-sequence PCR products and plasmids. The Economy Run is available in a prepaid as well as in a non-prepaid version. The prepaid service is very popular due to its excellent price-performance ratio.

Features and Benefits

High Quality
  • DNA sequencing read lengths up to 1’100 bases or more in Phred20 quality.  
  • Quality assurance statements ISO/IEC 17025:2017 (STS 0429)
  • For overnight services, delivery of results early next morning before the start of your work
  • Results are delivered Monday to Saturday
  • Use a Microsynth drop box in your vicinity for free shipping of samples (or ask us for another free of charge collection possibility)
  • Possibility to fine-tune sequence software analysis parameters (e.g. IUPAC base calling, sequence trimming)
  • Up to 12 months storage for ordered and enclosed sequencing primers
Environmentally-Friendly Sample Pick-Up
  • Your sequencing samples are predominantly shipped using environmentally-friendly transport vehicles (train, bicycle)


  • Failed reactions are repeated free of charge
  • Standard vector primers (>90) but also specific primers are added free of charge
  • Optimized sequencing methods for GC-rich templates or hairpin structures free of charge
User-Friendly Online Ordering System
  • Easy-to-use online shop with lots of useful tools
  • Primer management tool to define your customized primer list
  • Group management tool to share barcode labels and primers among group members
Technical Support
  • Direct access to support by experienced academic staff (no phone hotline).
  • Available at no charge to discuss your project, troubleshoot, and answer questions
  • Useful information for initial troubleshooting is provided automatically with sequencing results that are difficult to sequence

Additional Services

Following useful and complementary services can be purchased at a small extra charge1 to further upgrade Microsynth's Economy Run:
  • PCR purification
  • Advanced sequencing protocol for difficult-to-sequence samples2
  • Overnight in-house production of specific sequencing primers
1 Complementary services can be chosen while placing a sequencing order in our online shop. You will receive an invoice covering the costs that are not included in the price for the prepaid barcode labels.
2 We recommended choosing this option only in case you have difficult-to-sequence samples that would not be successfully sequenced with our cost-free sequencing protocols (default standard protocol and GC-rich Treatment).

How to Order


1. How to order labels (prepaid or non-prepaid):

  • Enter our webshop
  • Click on the desired Economy Run service and follow the further instructions

2. How to register your samples (prepaid or non-prepaid):

  • Enter our webshop
  • Click on Fill Order Form under "Economy Run" and follow the further instructions