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Sample Shipment - Fragment Length Analysis

Shipment of 96-well PCR plates:
96 well plates are only accepted if they are tightly closed with strip caps or heat sealed; otherwise plates may be not intact and no analysis can be performed (cross contamination).
Examples of tightly closing 96 plate and strip caps systems:
4titude FrameStar® 96 with Upstand 4ti-0960c and Strip Caps 4ti-0752
Axygen PCR Microplate 96 Well PCR-96-FLT-C and PCR Strip Caps 0.2ml PCR-02 CP-C (available upon request)

Shipment conditions:
Ambient temperature, padded envelope
Shipment Address
Drop your samples including the print out of the order form in one of Microsynth's collection boxes in Switzerland.
Please note on the envelope „Genotyping“.
If your outside of Switzerland or free sample shipment is not (yet) available for your location, please send them to following addresses:
Austria* Germany Switzerland Other Countries
Microsynth AG
Senderstrasse 10
6960 Wolfurt
Microsynth AG
P.O. Box 3351
88131 Lindau
Microsynth AG
Schützenstrasse 15
P.O. Box
9436 Balgach
Microsynth AG
Schützenstrasse 15
P.O. Box
9436 Balgach
* Austrian customers with Ready-to-Load plates can send them to:
Microsynth Austria GmbH
Leberstrasse 20
1110 Wien