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Ordering Information

In the following you will find useful information to the following topics. In case this information does not answer your question(s), do not hesitate to contact us.

Online Ordering


We try to make your ordering process as easy as possible. Here is how it works in general:

You Are a New Customer?

  • Enter our webshop via and register yourself as a new customer (see the Login Area at the upper right)
  • Enter your login name and your password
    Click on "Customer Data" and make sure that you have entered the correct delivery as well as invoice address
  • Option 1: if you want to order DNA and/or RNA oligonucleotides, please refer to the DNA/RNA Synthesis area/window and select your desired service.
  • Option 2: If you want to order one or several of our Sanger sequencing services, please refer to the Sanger DNA Sequencing area/window, press Select Services and select your desired service.
  • Follow the further instructions and finally submit your order
  • Important: if your order is based on a specific Microsynth quote, please do not forget to mention your offer number in the field “Your Microsynth Offer Number”. Only in this way can we guarantee that any discount(s) or special conditions are considered during invoicing.
  • If you encounter any problem, either have a look in the corresponding section of our homepage or just call +49 551 370 00 10 for assistance!


You Have Forgotten Your Login Name and/or Your Password?
Just write an e-mail to or call us under +49 551 370 00 10 and let us know your problem.


Online Ordering System for Oligonucleotides – Some Useful Hints
You need some oligos but first want to calculate the overall price. Then just enter all the requested information but omit the final step of pressing the Submit Order button. You will see all your specified oligos with a price tag as well as the overall price (exclusive VAT and shipping fees).

You know the price of your oligos of interest and you are considering buying the selected oligos at a later time point? Then we recommend that you press Save Shopping Cart before you leave our webshop. Should you wish to order the selected oligos, just enter the webshop again, activate your data via pressing List of Saved Carts and finally click on Submit Order.

Once you have submitted an order, Microsynth will send you a confirmation email with information about your ordering number and detailed specifcations of the ordered oligos. Should you not wish the disclosure of your oligo sequences in this email, please let us know.

Terms and Conditions



  • All prices indicated – on our homepage, our price list or in our offers – do not include VAT or other taxes. Please make sure that you consider any taxes in your calculation.
  • Payment terms are net 30 days in EUR.
  • Invoices will be issued in Euro.
  • When ordering sanger sequencign services or oligonucleotides, our online shop will already show you a price calculation. Please be aware that in rare cases, the webshop quotations may be higher than the quotations on your invoice. Quotations on your invoice will always be calculated according to the current price list and any general or specific discount you have been provided.
  • Pre-payment or monthly invoices may be an elegant way to facilitate your administrative work and simultaneously benefit from a significant discount. Please contact us for further details.
  • Should your order be based on a specific offer, please do not forget to mention your offer number in the field “Your Offer Number” to ensure that any provided discount will be considered when invoicing you.

Shipping Fees

Shipment within/to
Price [Euro]1)
Germany and Austria
EU countries
Other countries
on request
1) Indicated shipping fees represent costs resulting from transport via public mail. Higher fees are charged if products are shipped via express mail or private mail companies (e.g. FedEx, DHL, UPS). 2) If the order exceeds 20.- EUR, shipping costs via standard mail are free.



Canceling or Revising Your Purchase Order

In order to deliver the ordered commodity or service as fast as possible, your order will be processed soon after your order submission. Therefore, canceling or changing your order is only possible for a very limited time following order submission. In case you would like to cancel or revise your order, please phone us immediately under +49 0551 370 00 10. Just writing an email may not be sufficient. Note that beyond usual working hours or during the weekend and holidays, orders cannot be cancelled or revised. If order processing has already been started (e.g. your oligo is being synthesized) it is not possible to cancel or revise the order. Microsynth has to deliver the requested commodity or provide the requested service and as a consequence will have to invoice you.


Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Microsynth Seqlab is committed to offer you the best possible quality. However, if you should once not be satisfied please report the problem to Microsynth Seqlab within three months after receipt of the product. After 3 months complaints are no longer accepted.
  • It is necessary that you provide the production number (or sequence number) of the product in order to facilitate a quick handling of your complaint.
  • Products sent or billed due to an error by Microsynth Seqlab will be replaced or reimbursed.
  • Products sent or billed due to an error by the customer will not be replaced or credited for.
  • Note that Microsynth cannot be held liable for delivery problems outside our area of control (our production facility). For instance, any delivery problems caused by the delivery carrier must be reported to and resolved by the carrier directly.

Bank Accounts for Your Payments

Volksbank Kassel Göttingen

BLZ: 52090000
Acc.: 0041983108
IBAN: DE43 5209 0000 0041 9831 08

Request for Prepaid Envelopes


In case there is no "Microsynth Seqlab Sample Drop Box" within your immediate environment for easy transfer of your sequencing samples to our sequencing facility, we have an alternative for you. Just request our prepaid and preaddressed envelopes (free of charge!) and benefit from this convenient way of sample shipment. For requesting prepaid envelopes, please write an email indicating your address and the number of envelopes you need.