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Ecoli NightSeq - NEW SERVICE

Innovative new Sanger sequencing service in 1.5 ml tubes for plasmids. Drop your E. coli colonies into a Microsynth drop box, receive your result the next day before 2 pm and accelerate your research by one day.

Features and Benefits

Additionally to the features and benefits you know from the Barcode Economy Run, the Ecoli NightSeq offers following benefits:
  • Overnight service, delivery of results before 2 pm the next day
  • Results are delivered Monday to Friday
  • Use our drop box in your vicinity for free shipping of samples
  • You can choose between prepaid and non-prepaid service
  • Accelerate your research by one working day
  • Safe handling time in the lab
  • Significantly reduce your expenditures on plasmid DNA purification kits by only isolating plasmids from clones showing the desired sequence

Additional Services

The Ecoli NightSeq service is also available in the plate format.

How to Order

Procedure to order labels for our Ecoli NightSeq:
  • Enter our webshop
  • Click on Ecoli NightSeq in the "Barcode Labels for Single Tube Services" area and follow the further instructions
  • You can choose between prepaid and non-prepaid labels
Procedure to use our Ecoli NightSeq for sequencing:
  • Enter our webshop
  • Click on Fill Order Form under Ecoli NightSeq (prepaid or non-prepaid) and follow the further instructions
See also Microsynth's user guide on the right side for more detailed information.